Another HYIP sound appeared in Tik Tok, in which there are such words “you burn like fire, I have agony.”

If you are here, you probably have no idea who is performing this song and what it is called. Let’s try to find this information.

Who sings “you burn like fire, I have agony”?

I can tell right away that this is being sung by a guy named Slava Marlow. Each of his tracks just blows up all the charts.

His strategy is as follows – first he lets everyone listen to the Snippet, it turns into the hype sound of Tik Tok and then he releases the track.

In fact, the song is becoming very popular even before it even exists. So it was with the sound “I’m getting drunk again” and now we are waiting for another hit with a possible title “you burn like fire”.

To find out exactly when the track will be released, you just need to subscribe to it on YouTube or other social networks.

If you go to YouTube, you can find a short track there that the fans made:

Here’s a story. We are looking forward to the composition of Glory, which will surely play on all phones and in all cars.

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