If you are an active user of the social network Instagram, then you probably noticed posts in stories with the results of the test for a difficult character.

This is something like a new trend in which absolutely everyone wants to take part. Let’s figure out where to get it.

Where can I get this test?

There is a website called www.idrlabs.com. It hosts dozens of free tests that you can take.

This is something like an alternative to VK tests, which were so popular at the time. Only here the results are more serious.

All tests, including the test for severe character, are based on research. But they give only introductory materials, only a specialist can give more detailed information.

So basically it’s kind of fun that you can find at this link – https://www.idrlabs.com/en/difficult-person/test.php.

There are as many as 35 questions waiting for you, which will take some time.

At the end, a result will appear in front of you, which will show the traits that prevail in your character and, of course, by what percentage it is heavy.

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