A new hype trend has appeared in Tik Tok, and it sings “dancing in panties”. Dozens of videos have already been shot with this sound.

The song is very funny and worth adding to the playlist, so let’s just find out what it is called and who is performing it.

Who sings “dancing in panties”?

It can be noted right away that this is not a full-fledged track. Apparently it was created exclusively as a meme.

By the way, vidos was released in 2018. And as is often the case with Tik Tok, two years later, an old new trend emerged.

If you want to watch the vidos, then just write in search of YouTube “Dancing in panties”. The original video is on the Mirby channel.

By the way, here it is:

If a full song appears with this voice and words, then you will definitely find out about it on our website.

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