All platforms have already made their masks with anime eyes and now it’s the turn of the Tik Tok application.

An effect has come out that works wonders and today you will find out how and where to try it.

Mask Anime eyes in Tik Tok. How to find?

The developers went further than others and made a male and female version of the anime eyes.

So when you fire up the lens, first select the eyes you want and then start shooting video.

As it turned out, not many people like such a face element from the cartoon. It’s time for you to find out if they are right for you.

Now to the point of how to find this new filter:

  • go to this link;
  • press the red button with the camera;
  • choose the type of eyes and start shooting video.

If you are interested in more of these masks, then you can find them on our resource. Looking ahead, there is an option from Instagram and Snapchat.

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