The longer the Tik Tok app has been around, the more original the masks appear.

Today we are going to look at an effect called Copy-Pasting. By the name, the essence is clear, it remains only to understand where to find it and how to use it.

Mask “Copy-paste” in Tik Tok. Where to get?

The nice thing about the filter is that you can shoot a very creative video that hasn’t been seen anywhere else.

First, you need to place the desired item in the frame, for example it can be a bill, a car, etc.

Then the Copy button appears and when you click it, just place the copied image by clicking Paste.

Now the same thing, only in the application:

  • follow this link;
  • press the red button with the camera;
  • select the desired item – Copy – Paste.

Who would have thought that such a cool lens would ever appear. Rather, come up with something creative and make a video to delight your subscribers with new content.

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