Tik Tok is simply filled with vidos, where the sound is used with the words “auf roll out from the yards.”

The song is performed by a guy and a girl, many fell in love with this track because of the cute auf performed by the girl.

Today you will find all the information you need, from the name of the track to the name of the girl.

Who sings the song “auf rolls out of the yards”?

As we know, usually Tik Tok sounds come from some hits or videos. This time it’s an excerpt from the stream.

It was conducted by Nurminsky with a girl named Lisa (nickname heylee, Instagram – heylee777).

The song is called Nurminsky – Auff, she came out back in 2019 and now she has received a second wave of popularity thanks to Tik Tok.

Here is the same excerpt from the stream:

This is the official video for the song:

The singer is very popular, so this track and the rest of his hits can be found on any streaming service.

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