It is very convenient to correspond to the Direct of the Instagram application. With each update, more and more new features appear.

In older versions, you couldn’t even forward a message to another person. Now it is possible, which cannot be said about voice messages.

How to send “SMS” to Instagram?

As I said, the old Instagram did not have such an opportunity and therefore people had to take screenshots or just copy the text.

Today you can use these methods, but why, if the developers have already taken care of everything.

This is how it happens now:

  • pinch your finger on the desired message;
  • push More;
  • tapaem Forward;
  • choose who exactly from the given list or write a nickname.

The same happens with photos and videos. It seems that they added only one function, but how much it simplifies the use of the program.

How to forward a voicemail on Instagram?

Functionally nothing, so far the developers have not made such a feature in the application.

But, if you really need it, then you can use a little crooked methods:

  • Screen recording. This feature is in every smartphone. You just turn it on, then you can record and thus you can send the video with the desired recording.
  • Browser plugin (on PC). Open your Instagram Direct and then record audio or download it through the browser. (Chrome Audio Capture, Instagram Voice Downloader);
  • If you have Android. You can try to get the audio file and then send it to another person. Here is the instruction –

As for me, the fastest way is the first one. You don’t need to install anything, just recorded the screen and sent. But then see for yourself which option is more convenient for you.

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