A new trend appears on the TikTok social network and it is created using an effect called Animal Sounds.

If you are looking for this filter, then this article will be interesting for you. We will look at what a lens is and where you can find it.

Animal Sounds Mask at Tik Tok. Where to look?

If you use this effect, now you can get thousands of views and likes.

The bottom line is that an animal is randomly selected. Your task is to make the sound of the selected creature.

Then, the mask turns you into the creature that you managed to make. It turns out quite funny.

Now to the point, how you can find it:

  • follow this link – https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSgWr4HV/;
  • click on the red video button;
  • as soon as the filter has started, the selection of the animal will start immediately.

There have already been such lenses that turn your face into some kind of creature.

As you can see, if you make a good idea and execute it, then you get a good trend.

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