Today’s article will be devoted to the sound that Tik Tok simply conquered. Thousands of vidos have already been filmed with this track.

In the article you will find all the answers to your questions. I will try to answer all of them in order.

The song “To everyone who was with me when I was downstairs, buckle up, we take off” from Tik Tok

Who says this phrase? It was told by Tambi Masaev. Now he is one of the leading BWD (What happened next?), The winner of the Comedy Battle, and in general we can say that he is a Russian stand-up comedian.

Where does the phrase come from? This is the 8th episode of a YouTube show called The Smartest Comedian. If you watch it, then look for the timecode 14:36.

What’s with Tik Tok? As expected, they made a trend with it and now absolutely everyone uses this sound.

There are three versions of the sound:

  • Original. Just an excerpt from the video, without any changes. Here is the link – OPTION 1.
  • Refinement with Smolders. After the phrase, the passage “I take off like a rocket” is also added. Here – OPTION 2.
  • The most popular version. A Caucasian motive has already been added here, which made the sound just perfect. You can find it here – OPTION 3.

You just have to choose what you like the most and shoot a cool vid to get into the recommendations.

For now, here’s an excerpt from the show:

A few words about the show. Comedians are collected in it and they play an intellectual and humorous quiz. If you love comedians from Stand-Up Club # 1, I highly recommend watching them.

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