The social network TikTok now has a trend that uses a very fresh effect called “meditation”.

It looks pretty cool, but not many people know where to find it and how to use it correctly. Today we will deal with this, let’s figure it out.

How does the Tik Tok meditation filter work?

A new trend is the case when you have to use not only a certain mask, but also sound to participate in it.

Let’s start with the effect. It is called “meditation” and the point is that when you freeze, your copy remains, and you continue to move semi-transparent.

Then you return back to the same image and everything falls into place. It looks just amazing.

Now let’s deal with the links so that you don’t have to waste time searching:

That’s it, you just have to take off a cool video and add it to your account. It’s time to get popular and get featured more often.

We follow the newest trends and constantly participate in them – this is a key success factor.

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