Of the latest TikTok effects that are most often used, VHS can be safely called.

The number of videos using it is growing. So why don’t you try it, so that you can shoot yourself a video with these filters later.

How to make VHS effect in Tik Tok?

This social network is far from the first to actively use VHS-style masks.

I didn’t have to wait long, as this option appeared on Tik Tok. He launched a new trend where you can catch a crash with him.

If someone doesn’t remember, VHS is an old video format, when everything was recorded on cassettes. It is there that you can see the date with the time in the corner and this cool interference.

If you want this for yourself, then follow the instructions:

  • follow the link – https://vm.tiktok.com/ZSbqWkBN/;
  • press the shoot button and the magic begins.

To get into rivers, they often write a text about crash. So the forward is becoming popular.

If you need more effects, you can find the corresponding section on our website in the menu.

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