Of the latest trends in Tik Tok, you can name a song with the words “let my soul burn, I want until the morning.”

As it turned out, the track was released quite recently and thousands of people are already filming videos with it.

Let’s figure out what this new hit is called and why it became so popular.

Who sings “let my soul burn, I want until morning”?

Someone dances, and someone just does something creative. There is no standard for this trend.

So just take the sound and shoot what the soul is in. There is no special secret of getting into the recommendations.

If you just want to listen to a song, then look for “DOROFEEVA – gorit”… Even a clip has already appeared.

On YouTube, he is now gaining millions of views:

This is the first solo work of this performer, which is why there is so much hype around this track.

Some people like it, some don’t. This is a matter of taste. As you can see, the chorus went very well on Tik Tok.

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