A new sound is gaining popularity in Tik Tok, which will be repeated by all famous bloggers.

Everything in it is as simple as usual – you repeat the words “Hi, I’m Mabel, Will you be my fiancé?”

Let’s figure out where this passage comes from and why this song will explode recommendations.

What is the title of the movie “Hi, I’m Mabel, Will you be my fiance?”

When a certain Tik Tok sound becomes popular, there is no secret of success at all. It’s just that someone removes the vidos and if it flies in, everyone starts to repeat.

With Mabel, the formula is as follows: a melody of one of the past popular trends + a great phrase from a famous cartoon + launched by its famous blogger.

Sound from “Hello Vanya”, cartoon «Gravity Folz»and blogger @ homm9k. Who but this girl is suitable for launching this trend.

If we talk about the cartoon, then its original name is Gravity Falls and it was filmed by Disney Television Animation.

You came out back in 2012 and at the moment there are 2 great seasons. For information, the rating on IMDb is 8.9.

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