In the following days, Instagram posts will appear where “who was born on the same day with me” will be shown.

Let’s figure out what this mask is and where you can find it in order to create such cool content for yourself.

Filter “Which star I was born with on the same day” on Instagram. Where to find?

You can find such a feature in the application called Gradient. It is in it that cool trends appear.

This time, you simply enter your date of birth and then a list of celebrities who were born on the same day appears.

Also shown are very cool statistics of the professions of people with the same day. In my case, actors prevail.

With the details like everything, let’s get to the point:

  • install the program on your device;

Download Gradient for Android

  • flip through the introduction to the possibilities;
  • on the subscription page, just click cross in the upper left corner to get the free version;

  • below we press Try on a card with the title “Who was born on the same day as me?”;
  • tap on the desired photo;
  • choose your date of birth and click Proceed;
  • voila, we see a list of stars who were born with you on the same day;
  • don’t forget to press Save to gallery.

That’s it, now the photo is in your album and you can post it to absolutely any social network you want.

I’ve got a pretty good selection. David Blaine is so-so, of course, but there’s nothing you can do about it.

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