This trend has been fading away for a long time, but sometimes it slips into TikTok and Instagram. It is called yellow teeth.

Thanks to a special mask, people can see what color their teeth are and how neglected everything is. Let’s find an effect so you can try it too.

Filter “yellow teeth” on Instagram. Where to get?

The essence of the trend is very simple – you open this mask and choose yellow. Now, the camera will highlight all objects of that color.

You just have to open your mouth and if your teeth are white, then everything is fine. If they are yellow, then it would not hurt to visit the dentist.

Anyone who wanted to have already used this filter. But if you don’t have enough content, then why not.

Here’s how to find the effect:

  • visit profile @gu_christopher;
  • open the lenses tab and find the name “color selector”;
  • Now Try and choose yellow.

This is such a wonderful job that made a lot of noise on social networks. Surely in the future there will be many more similar things.

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