Instagram is gradually being filled with not only masterpiece filters, but also funny ones.

Take the same donut mask. When you activate it and open your mouth, they start to fly into your mouth and you start to gain weight.

If you are looking for this particular effect, then let’s find its author and name.

Donuts filter on Instagram. How to find?

There have already been a couple of similar works, but it was the donut version that took off the most.

As soon as you open your mouth, donuts fly into your mouth one by one. With each of them, your cheeks get bigger.

The author tried and made a very high-quality mask, I think that is why it is gaining momentum in popularity.

With the description of everything, let’s get to the point:

  • open an account @lorenzo_lezza;
  • go to the filters and look for “Donuts!”
  • Try it further, start shooting vidos and then everything happens.

This guy doesn’t have many jobs, but as you can see, they are quite successful. So I advise you to try everything.

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