One very funny song appeared in Tik Tok with the words “pilimeni, you will be serious, I said”

The track has already been flying around recommendations not for the first day, and with videos on a variety of topics.

The purpose of today’s article is to find out the name of this hit and who is performing it. Let’s get started.

Who sings “dumplings will you be serious, I said”?

The song appeared just a couple of weeks ago and has already managed to blow up Tik Tok thanks to its chorus.

So if you want to quickly collect a lot of views, this sound will still be relevant for a while.

It is called “El Pilimeni”… A funny and very vital song can be found on Apple Music, Spotify, Yandex Music and other platforms.

Or just listen on YouTube:

This group only has one track. But if they continue like this, then they will not escape popularity.

Will wait for new works from them. They will probably appear in Tik Tok again.

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