iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone 11: differences

If you’re thinking about the difference between last year’s iPhone 11 and the new iPhone 12 mini, it’s time to look at a detailed comparison.

There are many differences, so you will see only the most basic points that you need to know about.

What is the difference between iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 mini?

The list is long enough, so make yourself comfortable. Let’s start the comparison.

Design, dimensions and screen

iPhone 12 mini is a compact device with a 5.4-inch OLED screen. The device measures 131.5 x 64.2 x 7.4 mm (between iPhone 5S and iPhone SE 2) and weighs 133 g.

The redesigned design is now sharp-edged like the iPhone 5. The front is the same cutout iPhone X, but the bezels are even smaller.

iPhone 11 – This is a large device with a 6.1-inch LCD screen. The device measures 150.9 x 75.7 x 8.3mm (smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus, but larger than the iPhone X) and weighs 194g.

There are rounded edges, rather large frames. An oversized device not for every hand.

Body materials

Everything is the same except for the front panel, in the 12 mini it is Ceramic Shield technology, which gives the risk of damage in case of a fall 4 times lower.


Both devices have 4 GB of RAM. Processor in iPhone 11 –A13 Bionic, in iPhone 12 mini – A14 Bionic.

Thanks to iOS, both devices can handle any task at hand. In the next 3-4 years, they are relevant.

Water resistant

In the 12th, this protection was updated, now it is the same IP68, but immersion to a depth of 6 meters up to 30 minutes.

In the 11th IP68, immersion to a depth of 2 meters up to 30 minutes.


iPhone 12 mini
iPhone 11
Dual 12MP cameras: ultra wide-angle (ƒ / 2.4) and wide-angle (ƒ / 1.6) Dual 12MP cameras: ultra wide-angle (ƒ / 2.4) and wide-angle (ƒ / 1.8)
Smart HDR 3 for photos Past generation HDR
Dolby Vision HDR video up to 30 frames per second
Timelapse video in Night mode
Night mode
Deep Fusion technology
Smart HDR 3 for photos
Dolby Vision HDR video recording at up to 30 frames per second

The iPhone’s 12 cameras are a little better. Added new features, changed the wide-angle camera aperture.


The mini has a volume of 2227 mAh, while the 11th has 3110 mAh. Due to the size of the second, a larger battery was installed.

This will make it possible to use the device for 2-3 hours longer, which is very significant.

5G availability

All new 12th iPhones received 5G. It is not yet in Russia and it is not clear when it will be. This standard is also said to eat up the battery well (in the US).

The cost

iPhone 12 mini iPhone 11
64 GB 69,990 rubles 54,990 rubles
128 GB 74,990 rubles 59,990 rubles
256 GB 84 990 rubles 69,990 rubles

Which is better to buy the iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 mini?

Absolutely always, when buying a new iPhone, you want to buy the newest and most top-end.

In this case, it is difficult to choose because of the price. She’s too different.

Therefore, first, small conclusions, and then we’ll talk about what to choose:

  • iPhone 11. Pros: great price, good battery life, big screen. Minuses: large frames, LCD display, heavy weight.
  • iPhone 12 mini. Pros: compactness, OLED display, slightly better camera. Minuses: autonomy, high cost.

Everyone will have their own thoughts, so I’ll tell you how I would choose. iPhone 12 mini is good, but the battery is too small for 2020. Yes, the first year it will work great, but then hello to power bank.

Therefore, it is best to take the iPhone 11 or be patient, collect money and take a normal iPhone 12.

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