The realism and quality of filters for Instagram is growing every day. The Puss in Boots mask is a good example of this.

Today we will find its author, as well as tell the name of the effect, so that we can probably find it.

Filter with Puss in Boots on Instagram. How to find?

Remember this cute red-haired cat that appeared in the second part of Shrek.

So, there was an Instagram mask that turns you into this hero. He even repeats facial expressions.

So if you start blinking or opening your mouth, then everything will be repeated on the lens.

Let’s rather find out how to find it:

  • open profile @elya.boz;
  • find the effect «Puss in Boots»;
  • click Try and voila, you turn into a cat.

This creator has a lot more cool work to do, so be sure to check out the entire list. There are a lot of interesting things.

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