A piece of one of the songs just blew up the Tik Tok trend. It contains the words “my soul does not hurt for a long time, hey fuck off.”

Today we’ll just find out who sings this song and what it is called. It will be very short and informative.

Who sings “I want a barbie mobile, I will ride myself in Bali”?

Increasingly, it happens when Tik Tok bloggers break into the music industry and vice versa.

This is approximately what happened with “I want to dance like this.” It is performed by the famous tiktoker.

The track is called “Your Marusya – Dance like this”… She has only one song and millions of vidos have already been filmed with this sound.

I think sooner or later she will have something more cool that will definitely fall into trends. Let’s wait for this moment.

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